Naming Opportunities for University Buildings and Spaces

You can name specific rooms, laboratories, performance spaces, student recreation areas, and much more. Through your gift, you provide sustaining resources for your chosen space and the programming within it for future generations. In consideration of your gift, your name or the name of a loved one will be forever associated with that part of the University. Here are select examples of naming opportunities for the Transforming Lives campaign:

The Auditorium at Northeastern Illinois University - $750,000

The central hub of Northeastern’s cultural activity on our Main Campus, the Auditorium is home to countless performances, lectures, and discussions, presentations and film screenings every year. Your gift to name the Auditorium will provide meaningful support for programming, technology and practical maintenance of this special space.

Student Center for Science Engagement - $50,000

The Student Center for Science Engagement is a driving catalyst for the next generation of diverse leaders in the STEM disciplines. Your gift to name this space will provide resources for holistic professional development, mentoring, tutoring, and interdisciplinary research both on and off campus.

The Literacy Center - $50,000

国产偷拍视频At the heart of Northeastern’s service to the community, the Literacy Center in the Goodwin College of Education works with children and adolescents in grades 1-12. Your gift to name this center supports children in need as they learn literacy skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

Stock Trading Room College of Business and Management - $200,000

Designed to mimic a real-life stock trading room, your gift will give Northeastern business students a state-of-the-art experience complete with a Bloomberg Terminal, stock tickers, computers and tech they’ll encounter on Wall Street.

El Centro Third Floor Student Lounge - $500,000

With a panoramic view of the iconic Chicago skyline, El Centro’s modern third-floor lounge is a popular spot for students and special events. Your gift to name the lounge will provide lasting support for programming, practical upkeep, and technology.

Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies (CCICS) Atrium - $500,000

国产偷拍视频Visitors to the Carruthers Center enter the Frank-Lloyd Wright-designed building and are immediately in the lofty Atrium. Your gift to name this historic space will allow for programming, upkeep and technology that allows it to flourish.

Have something specific in mind? There are many naming opportunities across the University at all levels. Contact the Office of Development for more information.

Endowed Professorship - $1,000,000

国产偷拍视频Endowed professorships allow Northeastern to recruit and retain the highest-quality faculty, who through such funds may be provided support to drive frontiers of scholarship, energize research, help pay student workers or create collaborative opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship. As a donor, you can pioneer the first endowed professorship at Northeastern. You may choose to focus a bright mind on a particular problem, issue or subject in order to spur advances in that area.

General Endowment for a College, Department or Program - $20,000

Were you transformed by your experience at Northeastern? You have the opportunity to establish an endowment for the college, department or program that means the most to you. With increasingly unreliable state funding, such support is a steady resource for these areas that can be directed where the need is greatest.